Height Adjustable
Cable Spine


ABL’s height adjustable cable spines have been designed to work with sit/stand desks.  Its flexible design keeps all your cables and wires organised and free from damage and knots. Our sit/stand cable spine is available in 3 colours (Black, White and Silver) which provides an organised, neat finish to any office!


  • Interlocking block design
  • Top hooking element to screw under desk
  • Weighted base for extra stability
  • Available in Black, White or Silver


CPU Holder

  • Desk Tops, simply fold out and fix to desk with screws provided
  • Weight capacity 20Kg (subject to desk material)
  • Height adjustment and Width adjustment 
  • Adjust height using unique captive foot.

Orthopaedic Sit Stand Desk Mat

  • designed to be used with a sit/stand desk to help the employee work comfortably and safely.

Sit/Stand Workstation

  • Overall dimensions: 680x734mm.
  • Workstation min height: 165mm.
  • Workstation max height: 425mm.

Slide and Turn CPU Holder

  • Allows CPU to slide backwards and forwards approx 300mm and rotate 360 degrees.
  • Available in Silver and Gray Color