Cable Spine


ABL’s cable spines have been designed to help organise all cables and wires from the office desk to the power point. Our flexible plastic trunking allows cables to be placed free from damage and knots. Our cable spine range come in 3 colours and provide an organised, neat finish to any office!


  • Allows CPU to slide backwards and forwards approx 300mm and rotate 360 degrees.


CPU Holder

  • Desk Tops, simply fold out and fix to desk with screws provided
  • Weight capacity 20Kg (subject to desk material)
  • Height adjustment and Width adjustment 
  • Adjust height using unique captive foot.

Orthopaedic Sit Stand Desk Mat

  • designed to be used with a sit/stand desk to help the employee work comfortably and safely.

Sit/Stand Workstation

  • Overall dimensions: 680x734mm.
  • Workstation min height: 165mm.
  • Workstation max height: 425mm.

Wire Basket

  • Standard basket = Width: 100mm, Depth: 55mm, Length: as ordered
  • Flipup Cover Accessible From One Side